Treatment & Rehabilitation



We ensure that you are thoroughly evaluated and given an individualized treatment plan. Our therapists also ensure that you will have a full understanding of your condition and will collaborate with you on formulating realistic treatment goals. We also stay in close contact with your referring physician to more effectively coordinate your care.

We offer:

  • Manual therapy or specialized hands-on or techniques for treating soft tissue and joint restrictions, and for re-educating weakened muscles.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound, electrotherapy, and infrared may also be applied during the treatment to help relieve pain.
  • Corrective exercise is also integrated to help improve faulty movement patterns, maintain progress, and prevent re-injury.

Please give us your feedback or suggestions at any time to ensure your specific needs and goals are met.

I’ve seen physical therapists for a variety of physical issues over a period of about 10 years. Those physical issues include primarily sports related injuries to the knees, back and arms; but, I’ve also been treated for injuries from an auto accident. During that time I’ve come to know five of the largest physical therapy groups in the South Bay.

Because I’ve been physically active all my life, once I have a physical injury that I cannot deal with I find the best therapist possible and working as hard as I can with them so that I can remain in top physical shape.

When I find a good physical therapist I try to stay with them. My experience with you has been the best of them all.

As you know I’ve been seeing you for a few months since my knee surgery. During that time I’ve come to believe your group has distinct advantages over the others I’ve seen, those advantages being quality therapy as well as the best treatment equipment and methods. The treatment I’ve received at your group has always made sense to me logically and felt “right” physically. I’m thoroughly convinced that not only are you the best physical therapist I’ve had the pleasure of knowing but also the most effective.

So that’s my story, 10 years of access to a variety of PT groups in the South Bay. For me, Lopez and Associates has had both the highest quality and most effective physical therapy solutions.

Thank you for your help.

                                                  James McShane



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